Lead Copywriter; Creative Lead

The power of GIFs compel you!

I was the voice of @TheExorcistFOX for the debut season of The Exorcist TV series. Every week, I'd get a super-secret advanced copy of the new episode that was to debut Friday nights at prime time. As I have an eye for catchy, GIF-able moments, my job was to comb through the episode looking for viral bite-sized video loops. Afterwards, I'd write 15-25 tweets in a spooky-serious tone of voice that I honed along with the client. Then, I developed the Tweet calendar for each Friday, which included enough content to fill the void for two hour-long episodes (FOX required different tweets for the East Coast and West Coast showings (at 9am ET/12am PT) and keep the shows rabid fans glued to their second screen. The client couldn't have been happier with my work, as we trended during 75% of the show's prime time spots thanks to the traffic generated by GIF retweets.