Lead copywriter; Social Media Strategy

Every. Simpsons. Ever. Seriously.

FXX wanted to have the longest marathon in television history (every Simpsons episode from the first 25 seasons in chronological order, including the Simpsons Movie) to promote the launching of their new digital Simpsons channel: Simpsons World. Watch the case study below for more record-breaking details (you can see me at 0:10).

After the marathon was over, it's incredible success prompted FXX to show 3-4 hour Simpsons blocks five times a week. They wanted to harness the social media audience from the marathon to drive more viewers to their channel, and I was the creative lead for their Facebook fan page and Twitter account (combined audience of almost 370K).

We optimized our content based on analytics and created new content templates that resonated with fans. I designed GIFs, trivia, show callbacks, and hashtags such as #WiggumWednesdays, which drove up engagement and turned the #EverSimpsonsEver fan page into a mecca for conversation around classic and new episode alike.