Copywriter; lead writer and research, Purdue University Capital Campaign Brand Book

Getting the tone right. Every time.

Purdue University, one of America's top engineering and tech schools, is soon to kick off a five-year, multibillion-dollar fundraising effort called the Purdue Capital Campaign. To synchronize their marketing efforts and ensure that their dozens of different academic and administrative departments are on-message, Purdue participated in a branding workshop to discover and codify their unique value proposition. We turned the summary of the workshop into a book and included chapters on audience segmentation, tone of voice, and design guidelines.

My job was to take the reams of information that came out of their branding workshop and structure it into a coherent book. I also had to research and write the Tone of Voice chapter, which will be the common reference for style and tone for the entire university for the breadth of the campaign. No pressure.